Szintézis is a small non-profit organization (details here) and a community of 10+ people, helping people cope with the crisis of meaning our societies currently experience. We aim to be the Hungarian representatives of the metamodern paradigm, bringing ideas of the emergent Game ~B, Sensemaking and Metamodern space into Hungary, and the broader CEE region.

We believe that for a cultural paradigm shift to happen, it needs to reach into local communities, where English is often not the main language. So it’s vital to encourage the formation of local, non-English communities in this space. We at Szintézis want to provide a case-study for how to do that, and serve as a catalyst in the process.

Right now we are focused on finding the others locally, and strengthening the local community around these ideas. This is why most of our website and our Youtube channel is Hungarian-only so far. But we are already eager to connect with the international community, and begin the conversation on how to potentially work together in the future. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us below!