Metamodern Platform for Central and Eastern Europe

Between two worlds

We created Synthesis because we believe that our culture is at a transitional point.

We are in a liminal space between eras, where the old sensemaking frameworks no longer work, but we have not yet created a new one. We are looking for the meta-narrative that will carry us through this century.

Building Bridges

We reflect on social and individual aspects of the meta crisis by building community, organizing events, and inviting guest speakers.

Trying to solve these crises in isolated bubbles, with outdated sensemaking frameworks is no longer viable. Let’s work on the alternative together!

Lighting Campfires

We are adrift in a strange, transitional age. Let’s find each other, there’s still room around the fire!

We are inspired by sensemaking platforms such as The Stoa, and Rebel Wisdom. Our goal is to bring the metamodern ethos to the CEE region.

Humane Technology

We must subordinate technology to social needs, not the other way round. The practice of the past decades has been a dead end.

The Synthesis Tech Lab experiments critically with new tools and responsibly develops its own solutions that can benefit society.

Towards a new paradigm

We don’t know what the next era will look like, but we can create the conditions for it to be productive.

And the way to do that is not through defeating each other, but through a synthesis of perspectives.

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